Why do Moms need to practice Yoga

Did you ever think as to why are Moms usually tired and stressed out? This happens majorly because of the expectations that the world usually has from Mommies. Expectations would vary from being a good mother, bringing up the kids well, focusing on their development, kids support systems and provisions, etc. 

A typical Mom’s attention is so fragmented viz. the baby is crying again, our child has slipped from the staircase, daddy is upset and shouting, or maybe just a bad reply to your post on social media!! It gets really chaotic, and that’s the whole point of practicing yoga: It helps you develop a central reference point that helps you maintain your balance not only on the external side but also internally. It helps you deal with all the dramas happening outside calmly without hampering your mind and body. 
Now along with practicing yoga, you need to change your habits also a little bit. Write down all the expectations that people have from you. Go through them patiently a couple  of times. Eliminate and forget what is not important from that list. 

Especially when you have kids, you have to select between what you want to do and not to. This is important unless you want to miss your life and run around everywhere like a mad woman. This is the whole underlyimg purpose of yoga: 1. Slowing down & 2. Realization of what is more important than the others. 

Yoga is tremendously benefial for all Moms, new and old. It can help you with many of the aches and pains women can have after delivery, Yoga can also help deal with stress, mild depression, fatigue and anxiety. To know more you can visit our Yoga related library HERE.

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